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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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his 37-year-old wife, nicole. they have agreed to a plea deal sending him them to state prison just over four years counting under two strikes under the three strikes law. kip and nicole macy are certainly not the first landlords to try to evict tenant buzz according to the san francisco d.a.what happened at this apartment building from september, 2005 to, december, 2007 was, had his words, insane. >> they cut a large hole in the living room. we know there were many other things that took place. the defendants soaked victims bed and electronics with ammonia. >> he and his wife were naive when coming to a town like san francisco to try to do what they wanted to do and not realizing how toughts
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landlord-tenant laws here. they regret their behavior. >> he denied her client participating in cutting support beams beneath one floor. >> they want to make it fall off. >> ricardo says he was asked and refused to do that when he worked as a property manager for the couple and lived in the building and they became angry with him. >> one day, they told me if i came to the business they'll shoot me. >> the macies were indicted, charged and scheduled for trial in 2010 but escaped to italy. it took the u.s. marshal and special apgts from the diplomatic services to have them extradited last month. >> i don't -- finally, justice. >> landlords from hell?
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>> that is unfair. >> well in, a city where two thirds of the residents are renters i think a lot of people would say yes, they were landlords from hell. the macies will be sentenced in august. >> too many pedestrians have been targets for cars when they're in crosswalks so police went under cover to do something about it. officers ran sting operations and vic lee was there. he joins us now live from burlingame with the story. vic? >> the burlingame sting took place on this busy street, california drive near burlingame avenue. the business district of the town. motorcycle units on the right. the decoy walk add cross the street here are and the cars, either stopped or they didn't.
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>> they stopped so i didn't know whether she's going or not. >> one of the four recent fatalities in the county happened here in san mateo in may. a van struck a woman walking across street. police, sheriff deputies and chp targeted known trouble spots, today. >> i guess is not a good way to start the morning? >> i don't think so. >> units pulling over drivers one by one. the decoys couldn't believe how many cars whized by them. >> here at 39th avenue.
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55 citations for failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. police sargeant pat barett gave out a lot of warnings instead of citation autos not just about enforcement but education. giving people a friendly reminder when possible just to be safe. >> you didn't stop? >> no. i thougtd she's going to stop. i don't know what i thought. don't go there. >> i saw no people. that is why. >> no people? nobody in front of you?. >> i yorny was i saw the motorcycles and thought what are they doing over there? going through, i can see this pedestrian here. and it's like, come on. this is ridiculous. >> you're trapped?. >> for sure. >> well, we just got the number of total citations issued today from police. police tell me they ticketed 261 drivers today in all. 100 of them for pedestrian
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violations and the fine for the ticket is between 250s skpdz $350. pretty expensive day for those that got cited. >> drive carefully, out there. the dog that killed a 6-year-old boy this week has been euthanized. he was bit on the top of his head monday morning in his grandparents' home and died in the hospital. authorities just revealed the dog was put down yesterday no charges have been filed. >> authorities have broken what they're calling a human trafficking ring. a couple is charged with operating a sex slave brothel on the peninsula they say one of the ring leaders went by the name "bob". authorities believe lou and his wife brought asian women
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from sacramento to work as prostitutes against their will. >> we believe they were waiting. >> tonight there is a warrant out for his wife police in redwood city announced arrest of three suspects up and down the peninsula two men and a woman taken into custody. the officer noticed some sus spishus prorlt in the car. identified as having been stolen in at least four burglaries all in the same day. police later searched their homes and found stolen properties from several other break ins. suspects were booked on charges of burglary. >> one of television's most recognizable pitch men has been fired. george skimmer was terminated
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today. he says it's because he spoke out against the direction the company was headed in. skimmer released a statement saying instead of fostering dialogue that is in part, has in part contributed to success the board inappropriately chosen to silence my concerns to termination, as an executive officer. a marketing analyst we spoke with said it may backfire. >> this doesn't look good. >> there are now 1143 stores. this decision did not affect stock too much. it fell 43 cents. the stock remains up 19% since the beginning of the year. >> bart and union workers hoping mediators can help the two sides reach a contract agreement joining the negotiations today, talks between bart and five unions
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stalled on key issues. contracts between bart and unions expire a week from sunday. >> california citizens compensation commission voted to restore cuts it made during the reserks increasing salaries by 5%. meaning the governor earning $174,000 and lawmakers going up to $95,000 but not everyone wanted to give many lawmakers a raise. >> if they do well, ask improve we have something that says it's okay to provide them with the raise. until that happens i have to stand by ground. >> most taking 32,000s ndz per diem payments. legislatures are the highest paid in the country. >> tonight firefighters training for the meat of the
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fire season. it's already off to an earlly and bad start. with the 4th of july coming up, everyone expecting problems of course. abc 7 news in san jose tonight with people who fight the flames are getting ready. >> major grass fires and danger of more wildfires could rise as 4th of july approach autos sometimes i see kids going up to the parks where it's a dry area, they light fire works. you know? it's so dry like that, everything is going to just burn. >> the sale is illegal in san jose but are available in nearby cities from newark and union city, to watsonville and gilroy. this resident tells us fire works are also available online. >> just selling it to kids imagine how many kids you're selling it to. then, those kids have fire
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works. >> these thing goes and people don't get a perspective of how hot, how fast and dangerous this stuff is. >> that means people are watching for early signs of a fire. >> he see grass that is going up tall. and am worried about that. >> it may require help from state crews on the ground. joining them today two city council members, donald rocha ask they put on coats and equipment to go through four different firefighting exercise autos i got three more to go in this, and at least i'm ready to at least guest a taste of it. >> veteran firefighters say the combination of whether conditions and human behaviors could make this the worst fire season in five years.
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still ahead new video from a confrontation over a north coast highway bypass, how far people are willing to go to stop it. >> we have a nice warming trend coming our way just in time for summer. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and you'll meet a couple living in the cloud they have quit their day jobs and now getting by one app at a time. >> and a new tool for your cardiologist. a 3 d printer can spit out a replica of a human heart. stay with us. back i
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five people arrested today as prot testors forced caltrans to stop work on a controversial highway project. traffic in the area is going down. critics call the road a waste of money better spent to improve traffic flow in other parts of the state. pro testors took this video today as they blocked work and tended to speed the drawing of wetlands. a judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit claiming cal tras misled the public about the need for a bypass in this rural area. >> a next generation power plant doesn't look impressive except when you look inside. using jet turbines to generate electricity enough for 650,000
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homes. it can turn on in just 12 minutes. that means it can supply power quickly during hot summer days. >> donor facilities are steam technology. meaning you heelt up water contront -- converting to it steam. and so you can crank them up because of the starts this natural gas plant has been put into operations 45 times in its irs first six weeks of operation. >> there are apps that can help you rent out a house or borrow a car. one couple is yugs them to make money. >> everybody has stuff with tags on it, never worn it. >> that is how she began
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selling clothes with an app called posh mark. >> i put out clothes and they were selling then, i started to sell them for my mom, my sister. >> then, her friends and friend's friends she wound up with a storage unit full of stuff and an idea being able to use these web sites. >> britney was working as a cook, she began hiring out cooking service was another app called task rabbit. she got her husband on board doing furniture are repair. >> first two days he made more than he made in a week and. >> she helps with refinishing. >> i didn't do this because i don't like to work. i love to work. i probably work harder but i have ability to say when i want to wrk. when i don't want to work. and i'm make mi own boss. >> the new face of self employment come was challenges if you zront pay stubs and a
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job history renting a place to live westbound difficult but britney and her husband hit the jackpot. >> he thinks it's amazing. >> your landlord is officially the coolest person in the world. >> yes. is he. >> not only did he rent to a couple of no regular paycheck and a small family of mitt pitt bulls he let them build this. >> this is our air b and b. >> they have no trouble renting ut oit on air b and b. sometimes, the whole house. >> we love to travel. and so it gives us an opportunity to do that. >> but what about the dogs? when they travel they find a pet sitter on task rabbit, of course. >> cute dogs. >> air is nice, pleasant out there. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. breezy but clear skies winds
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diminished a bit since yesterday. and take a look at gusts at this hour. 25 miles per hour gusts in novato. 20 in fairfield. you can see it's still windy around the bay area. breezes dim minute yishd a bit. looking here at abc 7 under blue skies it's 63 degrees in san francisco. 70 in half moon bay. 77 in santa cruz. another live view of the golden gate from our east bay camera. we have further readings for you. 79 degrees now in santa rosa. coastal clouds develop overnight.
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and a movement carrying witness a pool of cool air and strong winds we've had. replacing that pattern will be this one. will be clear, patches of clouds along the coast and here start agent 5:00 in the morning we'll see a few patches of clouds around that will burn away by the breeze. sunny skies with high temperatures low 60s to mid-80s inland. south bay, sunny, mild,
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santa clara. peninsula, 70 degrees tomorrow, 75 redwood city. coast, breezy downtown san francisco is 76 degrees. on the east bay 73 in oakland and union city. highs into low 80s here is the accu-weather forecast. on saturday, highs up to upper 80s and almost 90 degrees. there is a slight chance of showers and summer begins tomorrow night at 10:04. >> coming up a shocker from hool hollywood. >> details on the sudden death of actor james gandolfini. stay with us.
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>> time now to announce the day's winner of abc 7 big shell gas card give away. we have two winners to go vow a chance to win free gas. all have you to do is click the like button. if a fan you need to fill out that form
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the man who made tony soprano lovable has died. james gandolfini suffered an apparent heart attack in rome, italy. he starred in numerous movies from "get shorty" and acted on stage in the comedy "god of carnage" he is survived by his wife and a young daughter they had last october and a teen-aged son from a previous marriage. he was 51 years old. >> tonight's money matters prices taking a dive on wall street after 11:00 our time. chairman confirmed the federal reserve would likely end its economic stimulus program next year and that is when stocks began to tumble. he said the feds $85 billion
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bond buying investment probably would taper off ask end only after unemployment gets down to around 6.5%. a statement from the feds says the down side risks have diminished. and microsoft announced a program to keep windows users from being hacked paying to any computer geek or hacker who can help identify and fix any major security flaw autos a major step towards replacing textbooks with tab blets los angeles board of education approved the purchase of ipads for 31,000 students next year. eventually all students label to get one ask down load from an app. 10 million ipads are also you'red in schools steve jobs told his biographer the ipad
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could some day make printed textbook obsolete. apple added a new feature to siri. if it senses you're condemn tem plating suicide siri will offer to dial the suicide prevention hot line for you. until now would it tell you where the sent jer located. >> and there is more still to come tonight. the president unveils an initiative to scale back nuclear arms race. whether it will make the world safer. >> a fire in mountains of colorado tonight what. this means for the families who are living nearby. >> a woman sefz a fast track violation setting a record. i'm michael finney. why fast charge charged
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>> the presz is proposing a major reduction in nuclear weapons and he did it from one of the most iconic
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abc 7 news mark matthews is here with the president's address. >> a spot so special only sitting presidents can be there. today, he used it as a back drop to call for an increase in nuclear disarmment. the president said today's global challenges must be met with the same spirit that won the cold war. >> we may no longer live in fear of global violation but so long as nuclear weapons exist we're not truly safe. >> speaking from the spot where president kennedy pro claimed himself a berliner and ronald reegan announced "tear down this wall". >> we can ensure the security of america and allies and maintain a strong deterent
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while reducing our nuclear weapons by up to one third. >> a one third reduction in nuclear weapons met with criticism from russia's president putin said russia cannot allow a redmux their nuclear armaments but gloria duffy cautions not to put a lot of stock m that statement. >> the russians start out stalking in a tough way. >> duffy says they're protecting their flexibility. but the woman who negotiated ampls reduck was the soviet says both us us and russia share a desire to cut spending. >> so i think they operate on both sides to push both us, and russians towards agreement. >> the ceo says it will take time. the president will face opposition here at home. from senate republicans in nuclear weapons spending. duffy says this is the
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beginning of a long road. u.s. and russia do share a common interest and believes that those interests will prevail. >> mark matthews reporting thank you. he evacuations in colorado because of a wildfire there 30 miles southwest of denver right now gurning in steep, rugged terrain convincing people to get out. that fire is now 65% contained. more people are being allowed to return home in mariposa county. 1500 ordered to evacuate on sunday. 500 people are still out of their homes right now. cal fire says this all started by an unintended camp fire that burned 1600 acres. it's about 40% contained tonight.
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>> some consumer news, traffic tickets come with hefty fines but one sets a record. >> yes. fast track ordered a customer to pay a fine that has to be the biggest for any ticket any time. >> so big only 7 on your side can hear it. saying fast track charged them for crossing a bridge without paying toll. sometimes, true, sometimes, not but this time an oakland woman got a violation with a fine so big, it would bankrupt a billionaire. >> we have determined you're responsible for a violation. >> laurie from oakland gets these notices. >> i respond saying we're fast track customer. >> she says it's because her device often doesn't work. this time receiving a demand
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from fast track. >> i thought am i on candid camera? is someone playing a joke? >> fast track agreed toing forrive the penalty if she paid the toll. the amount was staggering. >> i had to count the commas and say thousand? million? billion! okay this, is $130 billion fast track violation. >> sure enough here is the bill. it says amount due is $130 billion. laurie nearly flipped. >> i thought no. this is an error. then, i started to laugh. >> not to worry she had 15 days to come wupt money. she could put it on her cred yid yit card this is so crazy, laura decided to post the letter on facebook. her friends had a lot of fun with comments. >> some funniest ones were
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people took time to calculate how you would incur this toll. >> one friend said she'd have to cross the bridge four times per hour for 744,000 years another said would it take five million crossings per week for a year. others said you have fixed the budget crisis. >> so i called fast track i told them we got a bill for $130 billion dollars. you know? they were unphased. >> fast track said ignore the bill. laurie was concerned what if there were other mistakes? >> one friend said have you to call 7 on your side. >> laurie did contact us. ask also found a big clue tochl plain the bill. >> with this number. >> she shows us violation number. the same digit shown as amount due so the figure was a violation number in the wrong
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place. we told fast track about this saying not to worry she didn't have to pay $130 william. >> good for a laugh that day and a number of laughs afterwards. >> fast track says one family car was not listed on accounts so the system didn't recognize the plate. now, laurie says she's going to examine notices to catch errors. >> sounds like she weaseled out of a fine. >> thank you. >> that is a good story. laugh. >> just ahead a tell tale heart. >> technology
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surgeons made huge strides in treating the human heart now using a technique that could soon make surgeries more precise.
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starting with an exact replica of the heart. >> if you didn't know the doctor paul wong is a stanford cardiologist you might think he's heating up lunch but he believes what is cooking is nothing short of a revolution. >> to be able to have a structure of the heart in front of us and be able to hold it and be able to test a new device that's were developing is a kblair cell. >> of software and engineering that can produce a copy of a patient's heart. first, ct scans capture multiple views of the heart. >> then, next step after that is to take this data and select what we want to make our 3 d model out of. >> this research fellow will layer images and measurements into cad software. similar to blueprints for buildings. slowly trance forming them to
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guide the printer oor since they're so small we can represent curve of the structures here and it's full theat this point. printer then reprou proe duss the heart. the process takes several hours. the results from a point of view of a cardiologist. >> and settings overnight and come back and have a completed heart. you can see details of the structures holding valves in place. sou get an excellent view of the heart chambers and different tubes that enter the heart. >> this doctor says surgeons could phone shallly scale, and fit devices to the precise dimensions of a heart and test out different surgical strategies in advance. before a patient yernts a room. >> we can have different tool
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that's deliver new valves and they're all different approaches we're going to see. >> and there is research using living cells and other buy lj cal material. goal to construct functioning human organs. >> i flaerd an expert can be five day as way. >> just ahead pixar creates another monster. up next, monsters university a prequell reunits
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good news, monsters we've come to know and love are back. this week, monsters university, 12 years after the original monsters inc first brought them to life.
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>> i'm at pixar in our backyard for the debut of monsters university z i got the opportunity to speak with wuchbt film's staffer stars, billy crystal. >> we're intertwined we're very intertwined i have loved playing his role. >> this prequell takes us to the campus of monsters university. here mike and suly become scarers they are today but we're along for adventures to get there. >> i love his per receive year yens and his stam ma in a and his believe in himself. i love he gets disappointed but let's it in. then, finds a way out. >> but mike couldn't get -- do
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it without his friends, including his hilarious fraternity brothers. >> some fur comes in purple. most that have i trim off. yes. i identify with him. i think i can be absurd and spacey. that is what i like about him. >> the film dazzled with realistic affects but the bay area based producer and director hope all aud yenss young and old take away more than that. >> most people don't become who they set out to be we thought it's a great story and message and universals. >> just a great message but sometimes we know isn't the case we wanted to make a movie showing that sometimes things don't work out, it can in the long run. >> the film with larger than life characters pixar hopes
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it's just as huge in the box office, opening in theaters june 31. >> looks fun. the walt disney company is the parent company of abc 7. >> starting with clear skies, calm condition as cross the bay area. i'm going to give you a look at high temperatures in the bhai area. 80s in santa rosa. 80 in antioch. warmest readings in santa cruz. cooler in the bay area than in alaska. they've got a heat wave going on up there. 77 in juneau. these aren't official highs yet. tomorrow approaching alaskan revel levels into low to mid-80s and 70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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summer like weather friday saturday,. you can get information by following us on twitter, do that. all weather information you need is right there. >> like approaching alaskan. >> yes. >> nice day game for giants. >> yes. >> larry beil is here. an interesting situation to talk about yes. yes. when broken, a less yn must be caught. that led to this.
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good evening, benches clearing and this is what happens when you break one of the many unwritten rules. going back to last night, san diego guzman hits a home run. the toss of the bat. look at me, look at me. showing the other team is frowned upon. nobody liked that. so everybody is barking and benches clear, pushing, and so farring. no punches and nobody ejected. as for the game, 7th inning,
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guzman, again w giants in 2009. he is saying should haven't thrown it at me. he didn't do anything over the top. brandon crawford score, 4-2, the final so about the pitch that started the brawl... >> just to get away. >> yes. >> comment about that. >> just trying to go around the buy. that is all there is to it. >> if trying to pitch signed the foot behind him. rangers up in the 5th chris
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young, his 7th of the season. and right now, rangers have just gone ahead. a 33-year-old smith nicknamed cowboy has been named all pro for four straight years had a streak of 185 starts end. smith pumped about getting back to work. >> players and coaches just excited to get back. give it another run. you know? so... another year another fresh start to try to realize it, win it. >> justin smith's neck is bigger than my thigh. nascar coming to town. five time winner jeff gordon a big fan of the race.
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>> beautiful place napa valley. and what it has to offer. unbelievable. you know? it's fun and exciting place to go. i like to go there when i'm not racing. >> the spurs just seconds away from wrapping up nba title tonight. after heart break in game six they've got to get ready. heat down five points. ray allen with five seconds left. and so spurs got together to talk about the twhaun got away z they say the spurs will be ready for game seven. >> and we're not going hang our heads and dwell on that.
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we'll be ready. >> this is what you pay for. to watch. you pay for two great teams battle to the very, very end. and that is what we'll do tomorrow. last second. >> and we'll have winner take all, game seven. pregame at 5:30. and after the game, a special mystery guest. well it's -- . >> no. i can't. >> sorry. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> i've gt to move on. >> a man calls it heiro sheema with a light switch. at rest two of men in a
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terror plot targeting the president and enemies of israel. >> restaurants serving up healthy food. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> mystery guest. >> have a great night. >>
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a computer programmer from chicago, illinois... actor and comedian originally from atlanta, georgia... ...and our returning champion, a test-prep instructor from buford, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hi, folks, and welcome to our show. well, when you sour days teaching high-school students how to prepare for the s.a.t.s, a lot of that knowledge is going to rub off on you pend yand stick with you. teaching high-school students how to prepare for the s.a.t.s, and that is certainly true of our champion, andrew,
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who has been very impressive in the past two days. henry and ravi, welcome aboard. good luck. let's go to work now, shall we? this is the jeopardy! round, with one daily double in one of these categories. alex: andrew, start us. let's do sports movie's for $1,000. ravi. what is "moneyball"? that's the movie. where are you from? for $200. andrew. what is a harrisburger? yes. gov. for $800. henry.


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